Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mabroc's CSR policy lies at the very heart of its operational vanguard. With a vision of giving back to the community and its dependents, Mabroc has pursued and thus excelled in making a lasting impact on the community through its CSR efforts.

Tea without Tears

Tea Without Tears is the primary initiative that takes care of the Company's most valued asset; The People. From its inception in 2008 this CSR initiative enables the Company to oversee critical areas of sustainability. Irrespective of job title or seniority, it's the people that make up the Mabroc family and thus fortifies the supply chain to contribute towards creating the finest quality tea.

Having acknowledged that Tea is a precious natural asset, Mabroc pays homage to the environment by recycling every carton, storage bag and box in order to minimize wastage of resources. Having taken Mabroc's environmental awareness to new heights, the programme also actively works towards reducing carbon foot-printing by executing regular tree planting projects.

The strength of Mabroc's CSR commitment shines with the acknowledgment of the UN Global COMPACT programme while the Company also supports "A Home for Every Plantation Worker" initiative that is run by the Plantation Sector. As another CSR arm that focuses on improving the holistic living conditions of the Plantation Worker, Mabroc is consistently impacting the lives of people for good.

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