Improving the quality of life of KVPL’s workers has been an important segment of the company’s business strategy since its inception in 1992. In furtherence of this policy, the Company pledged its support to the GLOBAL Compact Charter in March 2006. In keeping with the Company’s vision and objectives emerged a structured CSR programme for KVPL plantations. This was the genesis of the “A Home for Every Plantation Worker” initiative, launched with the objective of upgrading the lifestyle and life quality of the plantation worker that addresses Living Environment, Health and Nutrition, Community Capacity Building and Empoerment of Youth.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to provide a contended family life for all at our plantations.

Living environment

We engage with our communities in multiple initiatives including the improvement of housing, water, sanitation, recreation and learning facilities which are implemented in collaboration with the Plantation Development Project (PDP), Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT), National Housing Development Authority (NHDT), Minitry of Livestock and Rural Community Development and other reputed non-government organisations

Health and Nutrition

Each family is provided with child support, pre-school facilities and medical facilities, including; monitoring of child development, preventive and curative health care, maternal care (pre and post- natal clinics) health camps, child immunization programmes etc. as part of the programme, a medical centre is maintained at each estate where estate workers and their families can access free of charge. Each facility comprises a team of estate medical practitioners, midwives and support staff and only government approved medicines are provided. Moreover, a 24-hour on-call ambulance service is also made available at each estate for emergency medical needs of workers or their families.

Community and capacity building

To enhance employees to become productive members of society and enhance the individual’s value to the community through highly focused community empowerment initiatives including; the provision of recreational facilities, empowerment of workers through Estate Worker Housing Cooperatives, carrying out skill and social development programmes.

Youth empowerment

Working in collaboration with government institutes and reputed NGOs we provide vocational training on a range of subjects for estate community youth. These training initiatives are also inclusive of scholarships for tertiary education, based on merit and talent.

  • The “Home for Every Plantation Worker” concept is a ground breaking initiative that has been featured in the UNGC Best Practice Booklet-‘Globally Positioning Sri Lanka’s Best’ in the year 2008.
  • Selected by INSEAD Business School France in 2009, as the subject for a case study
  • More recently CSR Asia selected this model, as a case study for the development of training material for the UNGC’s learning programmes.

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